Use the form below to begin the application process. We’ll follow-up with you for further information.

You can also download the full application here and send it to us at:

Judith Thoyer
Friends of Flutes Foundation
c/o Paul Weiss LLP
1285 Avenue of that Americas
New York, NY 10019-6064

Or email us at



The Grant Selection Committee may request that you provide a recent example of you playing the flute. If requested, you can provide your example in any convenient form; however, in-person auditions will not be permitted.


When To Apply:

We accept applications at any time.

All applications for Summer 2019 programs have been completed.

NEXT DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: January 31, 2020 (5:00 NY Time). This is for non-summer applications only.


An eligible applicant must:

(1) Be a student in, or have graduated within the last three years from, a recognized degree program of a music school, conservatory, or music department of a university or college.

(2) Play the flute as his or her principal musical instrument.

(3) Reside in the United States.

(4) Intend to pursue a career as a professional flutist or flute educator.

Projects Eligible for Grants:

Grants will be awarded for specific projects that improve your ability, skill, or capacity as a flutist or flute educator. Examples of such projects are:

  • Attending a master class.
  • Attending a seminar.
  • Attending a music festival.
  • Traveling to or preparing for auditions.
  • Overhauling a professional-grade flute.