We give grants to flute students in recognized music schools and conservatories, or in university or college music departments, in all cases working towards a degree as a music major, with flute as the student’s principal instrument.

Grants are for the “extras” required for a student to become..some day… a professional musician.

A single grant may be up to $2000. While a Grantee may apply for more than one grant, no Grantee may obtain more than one grant in any one calendar year, regardless of the amount of the first grant. In any event, no Grantee may receive more than $5000 from us, taking into account all grants.

NOTE: It is with sadness that we have to temporarily suspend our consideration of applications for grants to attend summer programs and other events. Because of the Corona Virus, we are uncertain as to whether some or all of such programs and events will go forward. We will re-evaluate the situation in late April. If we are then in a position to resume considering applications, we will stick with the May 13, 2020 deadline. Being realistic, in any event it is unlikely we will give any grants for programs and events outside of the United States.

If the application is unrelated to a summer program or event, we will consider it if we get assurance the project can be pursued under the current conditions. Deadline for those applications will be as set forth below. We hope that all our applicants and other flute students stay healthy and continue to make music!

NEXT DEADLINE for summer and other applications:
May 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM

All applications received by January 31, 2020 have been decided.

Applications received by the deadline will be considered altogether shortly after that date.

NOTE: Given the large number of summer applications that FFF receives, we have to limit our grants for non-North American programs (which are more expensive to attend) to those who are undergraduate seniors or graduate students.

An application will be considered received ONLY when receipt is acknowledged by e-mail from FFF.

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Our Board of Directors is comprised of accomplished individuals in the music, academic, financial and legal fields. The Board serves as the Grant Selection Committee.

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